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World Banknote Auctions Presents the El Central Real Collection

On December 13 at 1 PM EST / 10 AM EST World Banknote Auctions will sell the El Central Real Collection of World Paper at The El Central Real Collection offers 380 lots offered in a single session. This advanced collection was assembled more than ten years ago by an enthusiastic collector with the assistance of a world paper money specialist. Initially not a collector of paper money, once the beauty, artistry, and scarcity of world paper money was understood this collector set about acquiring notes systematically.

As is readily apparent in the catalog, there is an emphasis on private bank issues, popularly known as “specialized issues.” For many years, these notes were perpetually underrated and undervalued and only recently have begun to bring prices that are commensurate with their scarcity. Add the fact they oftentimes feature wonderful engraving by American Banknote Company or Waterlow & Sons and it is easy to understand why many collectors pursue these notes. Many of these private banknotes hail from Latin American nations, and the El Central Real collection features many outstanding type notes from Peru, Brazil, and Guatemala, among others. There is also a selection of scarce and high-grade modern pieces from across the globe. The entire collection has been certified by PCGS Banknote and feature the El Central Real pedigree.

The El Central Real collection offers a particularly strong selection of classic banknotes from Mexico. These include both issued notes and specimens from a wide variety of locales and issuers, including types seldom offered for sale in any form. While the focus of the collection was to acquire as many different types as possible there are also some scarce varieties included, making sure that there is something for both the beginning collector as well as the well-seasoned specialist of Mexican banknotes. To aid the collector of Mexican banknotes both the PCGS holder as well as the auction description reference M-catalog numbers from the Mexican Paper Money Catalog.

All of the notes in the El Central Real Collection are fresh to the market and most were acquired privately, with virtually all notes never offered before at public auction. It is our hope that collectors who add notes from this sale to their own collection enjoy them as much as the previous owner.

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