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American Banknote Company Presentation Book


Side & Spine


142 Broadway New York

American Bank Note Company

American Bank Note Company

George Washington Mount Vernon in 1796

George Washington

Daniel Webster

Appears on :

-United States, $5 note of the Webster Bank, Webster, Massachusetts

Robert Morris

Appears on :

-United States, 1862 $1,000 legal tender note and 1878/1880 $10 silver certificates

William Penn

The Vine

Children’s Portrait

Appears on :

-Colombia, Banco Internacional 15.12.1884

P-S564  50 Pesos

-Colombia, Banco Internacional 30.10.1899

P-S649  50 Pesos



Appears on :

-Uruguay, Republic Oriental Del Uruguay 27.3.1875  P-A106  50 Pesos


Appears on :

-Argentina, El Banco Argentino 1866

P-S1532 / P-S1543  2 Pesos Fuertes

-Chile, Banco De Ossa Y Compana 186x

P-S351  5 Pesos

South Carolina



The New Depot

Monitor At Sea

Army & Navy


Wharf Scene


Appears on :

-Brazil, Banco Dos Estados Unidos Do Brazil No Rio De Janeiro 1890  P-S607A  50 Mil Reis

-Brazil, Banco Da Republica Dos Estados Unidos Do Brazil 1891  P-S647  50 Mil Reis

-Paraguay, Banco Del Paraguay Y Rio De La Plata 26.12.1889  P-164  10 Pesos

-Uruguay, El Banco Italiano 2.1.1867  P-S209  100 Pesos = 10 Doblones


Appears on :

-Argentina, Provincia De Buenos Ayres 1.1.1869

P-S495 / P-S496  200 Pesos

-Canada, Merchants Bank of Canada, Multicoloured Tint Issue 1.1.1900  P-S1156  5 Dollars

-Mexico, Banco Yucateco 1890-3  P-S470  50 Pesos

-Puerto Rico, Banco De Puerto Rico 1901

P-42  10 Pesos


Watch Dog

Farmers & Mechanics

Appears on :

-United States, $3 note of the Somerset and Worcester Savings Bank, Salisbury, Maryland

Breaking Hemp

Arts & Science


Girl At The Spring


The Watering Place


Appears on :

-Colombia, Banco Central 23.8.1907

P-S371  50 Pesos

-Colombia, El Banco Del Estado 1.10.1900

P-S504  1 Peso


Sailor & Cannon

Appears on :

-Argentina, Provincia De Buenos Ayres 1880

P-S464A  500 Pesos

-Argentina, Banco Comercial De Santa Fe 2.1.1869  P-S1597  20 Pesos Plata Boliviana


Appears on :

-Argentina, Banco Munoz & Rodriguez & CA 30.6.1883  P-S1761  1 Peso

Cows & Sheep

Appears on :

-Canada, $2 note of the Commercial Bank of Canada, “Green” Issue Montreal Branch 1860

The Milk Pail

Arms Of Tennessee


Appears on :

-United States, $5 note of the Indian Head Bank, Nashua, New Hampshire


Appears on :

-Brazil, Thesouro Nacional ND (1890)

P-18 5 Mil Reis

Man At The Helm

Sea Nymphs

The Eagle

Lincoln Memorial



Appears on :

-Argentina, Banco Provincial De Cordoba 1.1.1889  P-S743  10 Pesos

-United States, $5 note of the Harrisburg Bank, Pennsylvania

-United States, 1861 $5 demand note and 1862

$5 legal tender note

-Uruguay, Banco Montevideano 3.1.1886

P-S354  2 Pesos

-Uruguay, Republica Oriental Del Uruguay 1875

P-A101  1 Peso

Penn’s Treaty

Packet In Tow



Appears on :

-Canada, $10 note of the Niagara District Bank, Partially Engraved Date Green Tint, 1860s

-Chile, Banco De Talca 1885  P-S439  5 Pesos

-Colombia, Banco Central 1905  P-S366  1 Peso

-Colombia, Banco De Marquez 1882

P-S586  100 Pesos

-Colombia, El Banco Central 19.8.1887

P-S366  1 Peso

-Colombia, El Banco Central 1907  P-S367  1 Peso

-Ecuador, Banco De Quito 2.1.1880

P-S245  100 Pesos

-Mexico, El Banco Mejicano 1883  P-S148  5 Pesos

Liberty & Justice

Appears on :

-Argentina, Provincia De Buenos Ayres 1.1.1869

P-S510  200 Pesos Fuertes

-Argentina, Banco Comercial De Corrientes 1.3.1868  P-S1584  1 Peso Fuerte (Mirrored)

-Brazil, Thesouro Nacional Republica Dos Estados Unidos Do Brazil 1890-1894  P-10  2 Mil Reis

-Uruguay, Banco Comercial Del Salto 1865-68

P-S158  20 Pesos

-Uruguay, El Banco Oriental 1.8.1867

P-S384  5 Pesos


Freight Car

Appears on :

-Canada, $10 note of the St. Stephen’s Bank,

Issue of 1892

Meeting Of Minds

Horses Watering

Horse Bargain

Express Wagon

Paso Del Laya

Appears on :

-Chile, Banco Del Sur 1870  P-S432  100 Pesos

First Reading Of The Dec. Of Independence

Union Soldiers


Drinking At The Brook

Appears on :

-Canada, $1 note of the Summerside Bank of Prince Edward Island, BABN Printings, 1884

Paul Jones

Volunteers Return

The Mountaineer

Picket Guard

Liberty & Union

Independence Hall In 1776 Philadelphia


Train Of Cars

Appears on :

-Argentina, Provincia De Buenos Ayres 1.1.1869

P-S509  200 Pesos Fuertes

The Rescue

Appears on :

-United States, State South Carolina

2.3.1872  10 Dollars

Flag Of Our Union

Landing of Columbus

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